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Jade Bust Review

Whats Up..Did a bit of spring cleaning a couple of weeks ago and Unearthed some stuff which i forgot I had. SO anyhoo today I'm gonna do a review of a Comic Character From CHAOS! Comics. The same dudes that did Lady Death, Purgatory and Evil Ernie. Got these 2 like 2 years ago at a toyshop in Genting. So here goes:

Background story
Jade is a 4000-year-old vampire-sorceress who has been the leader of a powerful, Shanghai crime family for over a millennia, a position she inherited from her father. For ages, it was a position she filled based upon honor. Her competitors believed "Jade" a title given to the woman who controlled the family in each generation.

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Quote of the day

"Oh the curse of being Black, Guys wanna be us and chicks wanna bang us"

Lord God Jinnai

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Lightsaber Review

Welcome to another review of weird shit by MOI, today we're gonna check out a Jedi Light Saber from Hasbro. I bought this thing during the Star Wars EP.3 Craze and it cost me about RM139.90...and a whole month of tapau from home & Roti canai after the brokedom that came with it :P Anyhoo on the the Saber

Fully Extended in Red

Fully Extended In Blue

The Hilt/handle of the saber is is a combination of Vader's and Anakin's hilt design. Fully extended it's about 3 feet long from bottom of hilt to tip. Now the main gimmick of this particular saber is the color change feature. You get 2 colors Blue and Red you can chyange to either color at a press of a button. Unfortunately The red light is not as bright as the blue..but it's all cool coz i like blue anyways.

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New Years Eve at MOJO!!!!!

WOOHOOOO, Photobucket LIVES!!!!! Now Here are some of the better pics from New years Eve.

Baby,ME, Iain,Allison...THE ELITE!!!

OOH shiny cellphone light!!!

I Vant to suck your BLOOD!!!!

Resting outside around 2.30am tired from too much dancing.Didn't realize pic was being taken..but Baby did and managed to do a pose..while i looked Blur..BLEK :P

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New Stuff that I recently Bought

Suff i recently Bought out of Sheer boredom/impulse or whatever:

Starcraft Nova the Novel. Pretty good stuff the story runs parrallel with the Game. Couldnt put it down and i finished it in 5 days. Next Up Queen of Blades, Sarah Kerrigan.

The Hotwheels Cyclops. 1st saw it a few months back and it has haunted my dreams in the end i just bought the damn thing.and I Love it!!!!!

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Something to Think About

We often perceive the Roman Catholic Church as holy and divine, thus infallible. But Fact is Divinity can never be a property of humanity and there is no measurement for divinity (either you are divine or not, there is not such an adjective as diviner or divinest). the church in all its greatness is not infallible, and certainly neither is the Pope. Only Jesus can be regarded as an oxymoron called human divinity. Since He was both human and God. With God being the crucial value on the equation, nothing else in this world can be considered divine.
We often neglect to see the gruesome and heinous aspect of church history. Children have always been taught that Christians were prosecuted and killed. They have been ousted out of their lands, fed to the lions, etc. but what they never tell them is that the church also prosecutes and even kills people. Muslims and Jews were tortured to believe in Christianity during the Spanish inquisition, countless Muslims were killed in the name of God during the Holy Wars. Women were burned at the stake and called witches, mistress’ of satan by the church. Even today, the Catholic church condemns every member of freemasonry (even though their belief of one God, social obligations and contributions to society are quite similar).

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Quote Of the day and Stuff


"Dj Sassy@Saskia Porter"

Read this quote from Saskia Porter@DJ Sassy in a very old copy of FHM. It is very true, I Started hunting again and .....*add extremely Huge Dorky Grin Here*

And Coz of recent Internet problems I cannot Post pics. Photobucket has been acting Up. SUXORS!!!

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X'mas Eve Party at Mojo's

24th of DEC. The place Mojo. The reason..all night Euphoria PARTAYY!!!! Hung out with friends drank wine and Beer and had crazy sexy partner for the party!! Pics Galore baby:

The World Famous Trance Pose!!!

UR PHYNEEEE!!!!!( was talking bout me of course) PHYNE!!!!

My cousin & His Chick

Observe how the contrast of Blue and red Enhances the overall Coolness of the pic :)

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"The highest level is to use your real face as the mask and when people see you they can only see what you want them to see not what you really feel"

Zack Amery Diamond

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Kamen Rider black/ 38 years old. this is a 2006 interview.

Tetsuo Kurata

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| 2006